Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Stock update - drum and VCO

Just 1 VCO mod left, and also down to last 2 drum decay mods, neither will be available any more once these few have gone.

The drum decay mod will be replaced later in the year with a different version which will be a little more expensive (£55), the VCO mod will most likely not be returning due to parts, there may in the future be a similar mod, but it will definitely not be the same.

A new mod which takes the place of the VCO mod is coming, but it is totally different and will not be limited edition.

Some other mods are in the pipeline too, but not until later in the year.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Roll Call - Last ever VCO mod run 5 available, MIMO

Heads up, the last batch of VCO mods is available now, I will not be making any more of these due to the chip becoming unobtanium, and I wanted to keep it below 50 pieces worldwide, so act now if you do not want to miss out.

Here is a picture

It is an additional VCO which is fed from the internal VCO then mixed back into the filter, it is capable of a number of different effects depending on the settings, see the youtube demos for the kinds of sounds it can make. Certainly for techno or experimental music I feel it takes the Monotribe to a whole new level, and I am proud to say that a few of these have ended up in the hands of some techno legends. It is a wild little mod for sure and I won't be directly replacing it, although I do have some new and different mods coming soon around summer time.

Price is £55 plus shipping £5 UK £9 rest of world, to order hit the email link at top right of page.