Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy Holidays, prices, availability.

Happy holidays to all!

Here are mod prices

Midi £40 (internal, includes VCA click reduce)
Drum £40
VCO £55

Shipping is £9 for 1-3 mods international, or £4 UK

Also available

Good quality Monotribe/Volca sync/audio cables £2.99 50cm 3.5mm TRS each end
External Monotribe Midi £50
Monotribe CV breakout box £15
Elektron Analog Four CV breakout box £20
Analog Four to Monotribe CV cable £15

New batches of everything available from 1st January

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Great looking build from Dave in the UK, and stock status

Check out this sweet looking build from Dave in the UK, Dave installed the Midi, drum and VCO mods and sent me this photo, such a great shot, thanks Dave!

If any of you guys want to send in pics, video or audio, I'll post them here on the blog.

Stock status: Drum mods just a few left, everything else plenty left.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

VCO mod - what it does, more info.

I had quite a few questions asking about the VCO mod, so thought I'd post here with some more info.
It is another VCO that is fed from the Monotribe internal oscillator, it has 3 ranges and 2 modes, there is a control for setting frequency and another for level.

It can be set to give a wide range of sounds, from sub oscillator, detuned, weird tremelo/vibrato, hard sync and FM type effects. It can be subtle or extreme and is great for drones, amongst other things.

It comes fully assembled with just 4 wires to solder and 6 holes to drill, price is £55GBP plus shipping, £4 in UK, £9 rest of world. 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

VCO and drum mods demos - Monotrip

I made a few quick demos of the Monotrip mods, the drum mod and VCO mod pcb kits. I am also working on a filter CV/accent board which will accompany these. Other mods are in development too.

Drum mods


VCO mod 


With 303

In the clips with the 303 the Monotribe is sending midi clock to my dinsync converter (available soon) and the 303 is slaved to that.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Fitting service for UK peeps

A few people have asked me if I can fit the mods for them, I was not initially going to offer this, but have decided to now for UK people only at first.

A few things to consider

All my work is guaranteed for a year, includes only my parts and work, not the Monotribe itself.
Your warranty on the Monotribe is void the moment it is modded.
You are responsible for postage each way, and a tracked service is mandatory.
Turnaround is usually a few days, but can be up to 2 weeks depending on my schedule.
I will not work on units with other mods as I am not familiar with them.
I can not fix botched installations, or damaged Monotribes at this time.
Cost is £25 to fit first mod, then £10 for each subsequent if done on the same Monotribe at the same time.
If you are able to solder to a good standard and have all the required tools, then this service is not for you, it is aimed at guys who have no interest in DIY but who still want the mods, or those that are not confident in their skills.
Any scratches or other cosmetic or physical damage will be photographed upon arrival of your Monotribe, also it will be tested to ensure it is fully working before any works starts, if it is found to be faulty it will be sent straight back to you. The reasons for this are to prevent scammers, I have been around long enough to be familiar with all the tricks in the book, so don't even think about it :)
Full payment for mods, fitting and postage are payable before any work starts.
Won't be doing any fitting until January.

Think that about covers it for now.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Yay for Saturday postman!

Finally after a long wait VCO mod boards are in the house! Looking good, but I won't be able to build a test one until after the weekend, but all being good then these will start shipping next week, a run of 10 will be made, then if they sell I'll get some more boards made.

Price and further details to follow, expected to be around £55 plus shipping, fitting involves soldering 4 wires and drilling 6 holes, full instructions and drill template and panel sticker included.

Once I have made one up I'll post some demos.

Not sure if these will be compatible with the Amazing Machines miditribe (or other 3rd party mods) so I'll need to check that, of course they are compatible with my midi kits and the drum mods PCB I sell, and will compatible with future mods I have coming next year.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Drum mods available now

Due to some parts going on back order, I only have 5 drum mods available at present, so I am making them available here first as I know some of you guys expressed interest in these, I'll give it a day or so then I will be offering them for sale through other channels, so if you want one be quick!

Fitting requires 6 small holes to be drilled at the front of the Monotribe, and 5 wires to be soldered (only at the Monotribe end, the other end is pre-soldered)

There are 4 on/off/on switches, centre (off) is the stock Monotribe sound, the first is Bass Drum, up gives a longer warmer sounding Bass Drum, down gives a huge 808 rivalling boom.

Next switch is Snare Drum, up gives a shorter higher pitch, down gives a longer decay, used in conjuction with the Snare Noise switch quite a few additional sounds are available.

Snare Noise switch - up gives a very short decay, down gives a long decay, almost clap like. 

I have spent a long time refining these mods, so that they give what I consider to be the best and most useful range of sounds, the small toggle switches are very high quality so should last for years, they were chosen for their compact size and feel, as well as the look they give when fitted (no panel mounted nut/washer)

The kit comes fully assembled, with panel sticker and drilling template to ensure that if you follow the instructions you will have a very neat job ;)

Price is £40 plus shipping UK £4 Rest of world £9 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Some new stuff coming

I have just ordered some parts and PCBs for drum mods and the long awaited VCO mods, there will be 10 available of each once they arrive, not sure how long they will take but as soon as they are available I'll post here and on twitter. If you have a midi out equipped Monotribe and a modular synth you might be interested in the trigger box, basically it has a midi input and 4 trigger outputs, 1 for each drum sound, and 1 for synth section. Pretty cool for using the Monotribe as a polyrhythmic trigger sequencer with your modular synth. Coming soon, I'll post here when they are ready. I'm going to be doing another run of the internal midi kits, really the best solution if you are handy with a drill. See the pics on the earlier post, looks much nicer. CV/Gate breakout boxes are available again, lovely little sturdy things. Got lots of ideas for new mods, stay tuned! Until next time ;)

Friday, 12 July 2013

It's been a long time....emails, updates, news

Ok, well it seems that I was not getting emails from the contact link above, so if you emailed me and did not hear back then apologies. I get so many emails from different channels that I did not realise this was not working. Always feel free to bump me if you don't hear anything BTW, sometimes I can be a bit snowed under and forget to reply. Currently the only mods available are the CV/Gate box, Gate to S-trig box, and external Midi, Drum mods are out of stock for the time being, and yes VCO mod will be revisited at some point and eventually made available, probably late summer/autumn before any of the other stuff becomes available, but if anything changes then I'll of course post here. If you really want to keep up to date then follow me on twitter @daren_ager as I tend to tweet much more than fire up the computer. Some stuff for the MS20 mini will be coming as well as some Volca mods, once I get a set of them and some free time.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Monomania Released today

Shameless plug time - I released my Monomania album today on bandcamp, it is 7 tracks (plus a few bonus mixes) of stuff that I did for the Korg Monomania competition, recorded using 3 Monotribes live. Some new mods coming soon, in the meantime if you want to buy the album, see below. Tweet it, Like it, share the link :)