Sunday, 8 December 2013

Fitting service for UK peeps

A few people have asked me if I can fit the mods for them, I was not initially going to offer this, but have decided to now for UK people only at first.

A few things to consider

All my work is guaranteed for a year, includes only my parts and work, not the Monotribe itself.
Your warranty on the Monotribe is void the moment it is modded.
You are responsible for postage each way, and a tracked service is mandatory.
Turnaround is usually a few days, but can be up to 2 weeks depending on my schedule.
I will not work on units with other mods as I am not familiar with them.
I can not fix botched installations, or damaged Monotribes at this time.
Cost is £25 to fit first mod, then £10 for each subsequent if done on the same Monotribe at the same time.
If you are able to solder to a good standard and have all the required tools, then this service is not for you, it is aimed at guys who have no interest in DIY but who still want the mods, or those that are not confident in their skills.
Any scratches or other cosmetic or physical damage will be photographed upon arrival of your Monotribe, also it will be tested to ensure it is fully working before any works starts, if it is found to be faulty it will be sent straight back to you. The reasons for this are to prevent scammers, I have been around long enough to be familiar with all the tricks in the book, so don't even think about it :)
Full payment for mods, fitting and postage are payable before any work starts.
Won't be doing any fitting until January.

Think that about covers it for now.

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