Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Final batch of Monotribe CV Gate boxes

Just recently had a few enquiries about the CV Gate boxes that I used to make, I ran out of parts a while back and to be honest demand for them kind of dried up, so I stopped offering them, as I still had some cases left and a few new enquiries I have re-designed a new version, the differences are purely cosmetic, functions remain the same, price is £20 plus postage, these are handmade so if you don't like my price I suggest diy your own, TRRS jack to 2 x TS, tip of TRRS is gate, second ring of TRRS is CV.

Shipping is £9 ouside of UK or £4 in UK, all prices and payment in £GBP by paypal.

I think I have 5 or 6 available then there will be no more, here is a pic.


Friday, 24 February 2017

Februaury 2017 stock status

A small batch of VCO, Xtreme Drum decay and the new Midi I/O/T (with optional VCA de-click) will start shipping from 27/02/17, currently 3 pieces of each are available, they usually go pretty quickly but I might make some more later in the year if you miss out.

 The new midi kit has the option for VCA de-click if you do not mind soldering 1 wire, it also has the option to have the midi out as a midi thru instead, you can install a switch to set if you want to (no switch is included, jumper is pre-set to out)

Prices are: VCO £55
Xtreme drum decay £55
Midi £45
All prices are in £GBP payment is by paypal, shipping is £9 worldwide

I have also made some Moog Werkstatt CV/Gate kits, these have 3 inputs:

CV for VCO
CV for VCF
Proper Gate input.

The CV inputs have trimmers to set scaling and the Gate input also accepts audio from say a drum machine separate audio output, as well as the usual trigger or gate signals, very flexible and make the Werkstatt super useful. The Moog I/O expander can still be used as mine fit inside the unit and holes need to be drilled and 4 wires need to be soldered to fit it, full illustrated guide sent by email.

Price for these is £35GBP

To order or for more info hit the "Email Me" link at the upper right.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New demos of xtreme decay drum mod

Here are a couple of cleaner demos of the xtreme decays mod, the first batch went very quickly and I will have a few more available this week, see the prior post for details about the mod.




Monday, 23 November 2015

Xtreme decay drum mod demo

Below is a brief demo of the xtreme decay version of the new drum mod, you will need to listen on big speakers or headphones to hear the bass properly. Starts with the bass drum decay at minimum, you will notice that is much more powerful than the stock BD, then as the clip progresses I tweak it a bit. the snare drum has a fairly wide pitch range now, at minimum position the sweep is a bit more punchy than stock, I adjust as the clip plays, the pitch can go up to a sort of hi tom or bell like sound depending on the decay and noise setting. The snare noise now can go very short, stock or much longer, same for hihat at the longest setting the hihat sounds more like a ride cymbal decay.

The BD decay near maximum can last for around 5 seconds, at maximum it is almost infinite although it does decay very slowly.

As mentioned before these will be LTD edition to 30 pieces, easy to fit, circuit board comes fully assembled, just drill the holes using the template provided and solder 5 points. Price is £55 plus shipping, to order email me by clicking the link at the right.

There will be a normal version also coming which will be LTD to 30, it will sound a bit different than this version with shorter decays than this version.


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

New drum mods WIP peek

As mentioned before there is a new drum mod kit coming soon, actually there will be 2 versions each numbered limited edition of 30 pieces, as usual they will come fully assembled built using good parts and proper PCBs, full instructions for fitting and drill guide, simply solder 5 wires and drill 6 holes to fit.

These mods are not available anywhere else, they are the result of many hours of experimentation and work, I think that they make the monotribe drums very useful, due to the way the BD and SD are reconfigured the stock sound is no longer available for them, but I have tried to keep it similar enough that when the pots are at zero they are fairly close (but a bit better!)

Right now I am ordering the components and designing the stickers and working on the installation guides, so the first batch should be available in a week or so, the price is £55GBP plus shipping at cost, payment is by paypal, if you are interested keep an eye on the blog for further updates, in the meantime here is a vine of one of the prototypes, bear in mind it is shot using phone built in mic, but it should give a rough idea.


Better demos in the next few days.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Bonus Round - VCO mod NEW BATCH

After a few requests for VCO mod I have managed to source the parts for a final (this time really final!) run, the first 3 will be ready next week (around the 27th October) they are slightly different than the previous version, a different shaped PCB and some component changes, so a slightly different sound, but essentially the same in what they add to the sound capabilities of the Monotribe.

Price is £55 GBP plus shipping (£5 UK, £9 rest of world)

Pretty simple to fit, full illustrated instructions sent by email, they come fully assembled with just 4 wires to solder and a few holes to drill, a drilling template is sent to allow you to get the holes accurate.

Pics and more info to follow soon, in the meantime if you want to order one hit the email link to the right. (monotribemodsATgmailDOTcom)

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to order or contact

To order or get in touch email me monotribemodsATgmailDOTcom

I will be setting up a proper web store eventually but for now ordering is done by email.