Tuesday, 3 November 2015

New drum mods WIP peek

As mentioned before there is a new drum mod kit coming soon, actually there will be 2 versions each numbered limited edition of 30 pieces, as usual they will come fully assembled built using good parts and proper PCBs, full instructions for fitting and drill guide, simply solder 5 wires and drill 6 holes to fit.

These mods are not available anywhere else, they are the result of many hours of experimentation and work, I think that they make the monotribe drums very useful, due to the way the BD and SD are reconfigured the stock sound is no longer available for them, but I have tried to keep it similar enough that when the pots are at zero they are fairly close (but a bit better!)

Right now I am ordering the components and designing the stickers and working on the installation guides, so the first batch should be available in a week or so, the price is £55GBP plus shipping at cost, payment is by paypal, if you are interested keep an eye on the blog for further updates, in the meantime here is a vine of one of the prototypes, bear in mind it is shot using phone built in mic, but it should give a rough idea.


Better demos in the next few days.

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