Monday, 23 November 2015

Xtreme decay drum mod demo

Below is a brief demo of the xtreme decay version of the new drum mod, you will need to listen on big speakers or headphones to hear the bass properly. Starts with the bass drum decay at minimum, you will notice that is much more powerful than the stock BD, then as the clip progresses I tweak it a bit. the snare drum has a fairly wide pitch range now, at minimum position the sweep is a bit more punchy than stock, I adjust as the clip plays, the pitch can go up to a sort of hi tom or bell like sound depending on the decay and noise setting. The snare noise now can go very short, stock or much longer, same for hihat at the longest setting the hihat sounds more like a ride cymbal decay.

The BD decay near maximum can last for around 5 seconds, at maximum it is almost infinite although it does decay very slowly.

As mentioned before these will be LTD edition to 30 pieces, easy to fit, circuit board comes fully assembled, just drill the holes using the template provided and solder 5 points. Price is £55 plus shipping, to order email me by clicking the link at the right.

There will be a normal version also coming which will be LTD to 30, it will sound a bit different than this version with shorter decays than this version.

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