Saturday, 7 December 2013

Yay for Saturday postman!

Finally after a long wait VCO mod boards are in the house! Looking good, but I won't be able to build a test one until after the weekend, but all being good then these will start shipping next week, a run of 10 will be made, then if they sell I'll get some more boards made.

Price and further details to follow, expected to be around £55 plus shipping, fitting involves soldering 4 wires and drilling 6 holes, full instructions and drill template and panel sticker included.

Once I have made one up I'll post some demos.

Not sure if these will be compatible with the Amazing Machines miditribe (or other 3rd party mods) so I'll need to check that, of course they are compatible with my midi kits and the drum mods PCB I sell, and will compatible with future mods I have coming next year.

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