Thursday, 28 November 2013

Drum mods available now

Due to some parts going on back order, I only have 5 drum mods available at present, so I am making them available here first as I know some of you guys expressed interest in these, I'll give it a day or so then I will be offering them for sale through other channels, so if you want one be quick!

Fitting requires 6 small holes to be drilled at the front of the Monotribe, and 5 wires to be soldered (only at the Monotribe end, the other end is pre-soldered)

There are 4 on/off/on switches, centre (off) is the stock Monotribe sound, the first is Bass Drum, up gives a longer warmer sounding Bass Drum, down gives a huge 808 rivalling boom.

Next switch is Snare Drum, up gives a shorter higher pitch, down gives a longer decay, used in conjuction with the Snare Noise switch quite a few additional sounds are available.

Snare Noise switch - up gives a very short decay, down gives a long decay, almost clap like. 

I have spent a long time refining these mods, so that they give what I consider to be the best and most useful range of sounds, the small toggle switches are very high quality so should last for years, they were chosen for their compact size and feel, as well as the look they give when fitted (no panel mounted nut/washer)

The kit comes fully assembled, with panel sticker and drilling template to ensure that if you follow the instructions you will have a very neat job ;)

Price is £40 plus shipping UK £4 Rest of world £9 

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