Friday, 15 November 2013

Some new stuff coming

I have just ordered some parts and PCBs for drum mods and the long awaited VCO mods, there will be 10 available of each once they arrive, not sure how long they will take but as soon as they are available I'll post here and on twitter. If you have a midi out equipped Monotribe and a modular synth you might be interested in the trigger box, basically it has a midi input and 4 trigger outputs, 1 for each drum sound, and 1 for synth section. Pretty cool for using the Monotribe as a polyrhythmic trigger sequencer with your modular synth. Coming soon, I'll post here when they are ready. I'm going to be doing another run of the internal midi kits, really the best solution if you are handy with a drill. See the pics on the earlier post, looks much nicer. CV/Gate breakout boxes are available again, lovely little sturdy things. Got lots of ideas for new mods, stay tuned! Until next time ;)

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