Monday, 3 December 2012

Hello world!

Here you will find my mod kits for the Korg Monotribe.

Currently available 

External MIDI - No drilling, plastic box, plug and play full MIDI spec

Internal MIDI - Some drilling required, plug and play, full MIDI spec

Coming soon

Drum sounds mod - Switches to select different drum sounds

Drum and VCO mute - Switches for muting each drum and VCO

Coming 2013

Drum trigger outputs

Some killer synth mods

Stay tuned for details!

Prices for the MIDI kits are £45 plus shipping at cost

Other mods prices TBA

If interested get in touch 


  1. I'd love to get the Drum Mod kit for xmas, however your a hard man to reach! DM me at twitter @photosinferno

  2. Hi, I added a contact link at the top of the blog, you can email me directly from there.

  3. hi i am doing some euro mods for the monotribe i would be very interested in useing your stuff in my monotribe-e modular

    1. Cool, once Christmas is out of the way there will be some new things available, the drum trigger board is very handy with modular gear.

  4. I am very interested in the drum trigger output mod. Any news?

  5. hi,
    i got one of the external mods a few months back. kind of ignored MIDI out as it was weird :) and lots of fun with input.

    anyway, tried to sort it out and found that it triggers my MachineDrum fine, sync and note out.
    but my Mac doesnt register any Midi from it unless i come out of the through in the MachineDrum.

    so i need to Mono out into machinedrum through to Mac.

    wondering what might be happening ?? it's a tad annoying lol.