Tuesday, 4 December 2012

New VCO mod demo

This mod adds a VCO which slaves to the internal Monotribe VCO in unusual ways, kind of hard to explain but various settings can give similar results to hardsync, FM, ringmod, sub osc or detuning, anyways it is still under development as there are a few things I'm not 100% happy with but I am hoping to get these ready for around January, it will be a simple to fit pre-built kit, just drill some holes and solder 4 wires, I would not recommend it to a beginner as you need to be able to solder to a reasonable standard, but if you can do that then it is a very easy job.

Here is a video giving a quick demo:

And here is a longer soundcloud demo, showing some drones and also the drum mods:

1 comment:

  1. hey darren
    great stuff here!
    do you happen uf there is any way of tuning the monotribe. my band plays at 432hz=A AND ID BE HAPPY TO USE THE MONOTRIBE FOR OUR MUSIC