Tuesday, 15 April 2014

CV/Gate boxes

A new batch of CV/Gate boxes are available to buy now, price is £20 plus shipping.

They are made using very nice quality sockets which fit all types of 3.5mm plug very snugly - nothing worse than warbly pitch (or glitchy gates) when you don't want it, built into a sturdy little ABS box, the cable is approx 60cm. You need to update your Monotribe to v2.1 to use it with CV input and of course the CV and Gate is only for the synth section, as you'd expect. But really cool to use the Monotribe from say a x0xb0x over CV then record the sequence into the Monotribe sequencer, using flux mode you can then turn on/off the slides, good fun!

Here is a picture

Also I make CV boxes for the Elektron Analog Four/Keys, using the same box and 3.5mm connectors, but with Van Damme cable (50cm) and a high quality gold plated 1/4" plug (the sockets on the Elektron are gold plated) Much better than faffing around with bulky adapters, if you spend 1000 on a synth then another few thousand on a modular then it makes sense to ensure that you can interface them correctly, I literally cringe when I see how some people scrimp on proper cables, it is a false economy! Price is also £20 plus shipping. NB one is required for each pair of CV outs A/B and C/D, but shipping cost is the same for 2 as it is for a single one. £9.75 outside UK £5 in UK.

As usual to order use the email link at the top of the page.

Here is a picture

Thats all for now, more soon!

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