Thursday, 17 April 2014

Free Sticker with order!

I made up some stickers to label the function buttons on the Monotribe, as I tend to forget which clears the synth or drum part, and I usually accidentally clear the wrong part!

Anyway, a pretty handy quick reference and as I'm not a fan of any of the overlays (a bit too garish for me) until I get some overlays made these will suffice. I made up a few extras, so for the rest of this month I will send one with any orders that come in, or until I run out of them.

They are my usual high quality, slight gloss and using the Monotribe font as my mod stickers do.

So, if you order anything from me and want one just let me know when you place the order.

Currently have stock of everything, running low on VCO boards though. Prices as follows:

Internal MIDI with optional click reduce mod £40
Drum mods switch panel £40
VCO mod £55
CV/Gate boxes £20

Postage has gone up a bit for international, now £9.75 this covers anything from 1-3 mods, tracked signed for airmail via Royal Mail, UK post cost is still £5. All payments in GBP via paypal.

Here is a pic of the sticker

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