Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Any interest in Sync24 (dinsync) internal input mod?

I have long been a fan of Roland din sync gear, TB-303, TR-606, MC-202, TR-808 etc and decided it would be cool if the Monotribe could be synced to them without for example using MIDI or a trigger output from say a TR-606.

So I am in the process of prototyping a dinsync to Monotribe (or Volca etc) converter, basically it takes a sync24 output, and divides it down so that the Monotribe can sync to my TR-606. It works very nicely across the whole tempo range of sync24 and I am thinking that I might offer a finished version for sale.

As per usual I will get proper PCBs made and before taking the plunge wanted to check if there is any interest, so if you are interested let me know either by email (link at top) or in the comments.

Pricing will be around £40 for an internal version, I might consider an external version but it will cost more due to extra parts, possibly £55-60.

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