Monday, 15 December 2014

Sync24 to Monotribe, Volca, new Electribe

Following on from the last post I decided that an external Sync24 (aka dinsync) converter would be a better idea, mainly because I have Volcas and other gear that I might want to sync to my vintage Roland gear or my Elektron Analog Four.

So basically the idea is that the box has a sync input which will be converted from 96 pulses per measure (24ppqn) to 8 or 16 pulses per measure (2 or 4ppqn) the outputs are on 3.5mm sockets and are available at the same time of course. In addition the pulses are only sent when the sync master is running, and on stop the pulse resets to zero, so that on each start everything lines up.

The output pulses are 5v and 5ms duration, so they work as clock for lots of different devices and also triggers for modular or CV gear.

It will run from AA batteries or 9V DC power supply.

I expect to have some of these ready for sale in early 2015, pricing will be around £55

I have tested it with these devices as master TR606, MC202, TB303, Analog 4, and it works very well.
I have tested Monotribe, Volcas, MS20mini, Doepfer Dark Energy, so far.

Design and features might be subject to change, but not drastically.

Here is a picture of the first prototype, final version will look nicer, a video will follow at some point, so stay tuned if interested.

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